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ENHANCE openings offers the most extensive collection of the highest quality glass and fiberglass entry doors Tucson can provide. Enhance’s entry door replacement service will add both value and energy efficiency to your home. These entry door products come in a range of panel designs and glass configurations that are sure to ENHANCE any architectural style or design need. Entry doors must be tough enough to withstand the harsh Tucson weather and would-be intruders, while warm and elegant enough to make a good first impression. Unfortunately, meeting those needs is a tall order for many front doors.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

are engineered to look like wood but outperform them in even the harshest Tucson climate plus, our door replacement systems are Energy Star eligible and are built to outlast wood or vinyl doors. Also, any of our entry door systems can be converted into beautiful French doors!

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Fiberglass Doors Tucson

The Barrington® Fiberglass Oak Door Collection represents the essence of luxury and performance in a fiberglass door. What makes this product unique is its distinct raised moulding and authentic wood door appearance.

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The Belleville® Fiberglass Door Collection combines superior beauty and architectural design with maximum flexibility. Belleville doors have a high-definition panel profile.

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The Oakcraft® Fiberglass Entry Door adds richness and significance to a home’s entryway. Oakcraft’s deep wood-grain texture yields a realistic wood-like appearance. Paintable or stainable, these doors provide years of low maintenance satisfaction.

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ENHANCE openings also offers multiple styles of double French style entry doors to choose from. Our patented multi-point locking & sealing systems are just a couple of the ways we correct some of the issues others have had in attempting to install French doors.


High Performance Fiberglass & Hardwood Door Beauty

Engineered Stiles

Specialty Glass Inserts

Internal Blocking

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From the authentic charm of the Masonite Craftsman™ collection to the sleek artistry of the Masonite Expo™ series, it has never been easier to find the door to complement your design vision. Choose from hundreds of glass combinations to meet your design needs and eclectic taste or opt for one of our solid panel door options.


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Multi-Point Locking with Strength

A solid, one piece I-beam runs the full length of the lock. That not only increases the strength and precision of the lock, but when Trilennium is installed it actually strengthens the door edge and prevents door warping over the life of the panel. Workmanship like no other multi-point lock. You can see and feel the difference

Multi-Point Locking System That is Intuitive

Premium hardware is available for any door system in styles to match every decor. Unlike European-style systems, Trilennium operates intuitively; a single quarter turn of the thumb turn activates all three dead bolts smoothly. Plus the assurance of a panic release feature. Panic release opens the lock with a single downward turn of the interior lever. Benefits that a home owner will truly appreciate.

Multi-Locking System That Is Forgiving

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When a door unit leaves the shop, it can be perfect. But the world isn’t perfect. You can’t always control the rough opening, or what happens over time. Out of plumb. Out of square. Or worse. That’s where we come in. Trilennium’s patented system of bolts and roller strikes draws the door back into perfect alignment, correcting imperfections up to 3/16″ in three directions.

Three Times More Secure

Trilennium features three full deadbolt locks for ultimate strength and security. No hooks or catches that require unrealistic alignment and result in frequent service calls. Among the strongest and most secure in the industry, Trilennium Multi-Point Locking Systems exceed Grade 30—or 300 ft-lbs x 2 of impact, per ASTM E 2395